Laboratory of High Energy Density in Matter Physics with Intense Ion Beams

    The Laboratory of High Energy Density in Matter Physics under the Action of Intensive Ion beams performs the experimental and theoretical study of physical processes arising from the action of intense ion beams with matter, the study of the extreme state of matter at ultrahigh pressures and temperatures. Most of the laboratory activity is aimed to developing of diagnostic method - high energy proton radiography and proton microscopy (HEPM). The laboratory performs research in the field of plasma physics and the development of methods for plasma diagnostics. Laboratory staff developed and widely using a universal data acquisition and control system for experiments. Laboratory have connection with world scientific research centers such as GSI and FAIR at Germany, NRC KI, Mephi and IPCP.


    Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics named by A.I. Alikhanov of
    National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute"
    117218, Moscow, B.Cheremushkinskaya, 25
    Phn.: +7-(499)-789-64-87

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