Laboratory of High Energy Density in Matter Physics with Intense Ion Beams

    The laboratory perform research in the field of high energy density in matter physics at Russian and foreign accelerator, laser and high-current electrophysical facilities (Z-pinch), investigations of the extreme state of matter at ultrahigh pressures and temperatures.New diagnostic techniques and devices are being developed for the investigation of substances at high energy densities, such as proton radiography on proton and electron beams, X-ray diagnostics of pulsed plasma using grazing incidence spectrometers . Devices are being developed based on permanent magnets including spectrometers and ion-optical elements. Are being developed modern techniques for full-scale Monte Carlo and PIC simulation of experiments with using parallel computing.


    National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute"
    117218, Moscow, B.Cheremushkinskaya, 25
    Phn.: +7-(499)-789-61-00

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